Ticket Cancellation & Refund Request Form
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How do I return my flight ticket?

Cancellation and refund rules of the airline companies you are dealing with are valid for the cancellation / refund transactions of the tickets you have purchased. These rules may vary depending on the airline companies. When your refund process is initiated, ticketing The service fee you have paid at the time of payment will not be refunded, and no additional service fee will be charged for the return process. Refund of the ticket that is refundable or decided to be refunded by the relevant airline, the payment used when purchasing the ticket done in accordance with the method. The time for the refunds to be reflected on the relevant bank or credit card may differ according to the banks and card programs. Information on this subject can be obtained from banks. A notification e-mail will be sent to you for cancellation / refund transactions. Note that the cancellation / refund request will be valid for all passengers in the reservation.